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7 Takeaways from the IMLCA Convention

IMLCA convention mini recap.

  • A non college coach we spoke to last week believed the IMLCA event was for college coaches only. Not true and a sad and unfortunate misconception if you’ve been missing out on the IMLCA for all these years.
  • There were fifty presentations this year where as last year there were eighteen. Surprisingly, there were zero face off presentations. That makes entirely no sense. 
  • There was a clear attempt to promote this event as the best major lacrosse convention. There was a clear mandate during the presentations to remind attendees that they were at the best convention and that coaches should convince their peers to attend to in the future. Mission success for the IMLCA as this was the best IMLCA we’ve ever attended after last year’s which was by far their worst. (College head coaches told us they didn’t bring assistants this year because last year’s event was a disappointment for them.) However, comparing the IMLCA to US Lacrosse LaxCon is a bit unfair because one is a coaching convention and the other is a gear flea market with coaching presentations.
  • Sunday presentations are typically very light as coaches are heading home. While College Park isn’t that far from the Inner Harbor, Coach Tillman was present for Nick Myers presentation on how Ohio State has implemented box lacrosse training. If you think you’re too good for a coaching clinic, remember that the 2017 national championship winning coach doesn’t.
  • Gene Peluso of Stevens Tech, paraphrasing, “If the college game goes to a shot clock, a quality ride will suck up extra time and the offense will have fewer seconds to generate a quality shot.” We’ll post his riding presentation shortly.
  • Jamison Koesterer of the famed UMBC Killer Bees D Twitter account is incredibly bright which is terrifying considering he was a face off man in college. (Watch chunk of his presentation here.)
  • The game is very simple. Denison head coach Mike Caravanna really values catching the ball.

Bonus Takeaways

  • Calvert Hall kids participated in Salisbury’s on field presentation led by Coach Berkman. Those kids are really, really good.
  • The Warrior party was not as good as last year’s probably because an extra 75 people were there at this year’s iteration.
  • Alone with Coach Petro in the lobby. Made eye contact. Completely panicked. Walked up to him, shook his hand and said, “Coach, I enjoyed your talk.”
  • Ty Xanders is very knowledgable about Alabama football.
  • Peters Township was the only other Pittsburgh high school program we saw in attendance. We know other programs have historically gone to the US Lacrosse convention.
  • Be excited for our interview with York coach Brandon Childs.

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