Commentary and Theory with a yinzer slant #year9

Rabil Warp Product Testing Part 2

New footage of the Warrior Warp Burn.

Biggest complaint over the original Warps…no hold. Didn’t trust the head at all. It would appear larger diamonds are the answer to increased hold.

Even the original Warps are a better option for youth players. Too many youth heads prioritize hold for a quick release.

Is it a bigger deal to Warrior that Rabil starts using the Warp or Warrior helmet in the MLL? Do MLL players even drive the market the way Kobe/Michael carried Nike?

Additional Gear Rumor: Warrior paid MLL/NLL athletes to use the Warp. Doesn’t sound as scandalous after we typed that out. Under Armor/Nike pays Steph Curry/Lebron to wear those trash signature shoes every year.

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