New Website and Podcast Arrives January 2018

2018 WPIAL Realignment

The second realignment in two years.

No movement between AAA and AA but rather added sections.


Taylor Allerdice finished the 2017 season with a 1-11 record, including a loss to Mt. Lebanon in which Lebo had to share players with the Dragons after halftime due to a lack of numbers. They had to forfeit their next game, a section contest, to Peters. The Dragons managed to only score 42 goals this past spring. Best of luck to them in 2018.

Different/new teams will invariable make the playoffs with this new format.

The top four (4) teams in each AAA & AA section will enter the WPIAL tournament. Teams that qualify for the WPIAL Tournament may not play games after SATURDAY May 12, 2018 but may scrimmage any team still alive in the WPIAL Tournament. There is no limit to the number of post-season scrimmages provided that the opponent is still alive in the tournament. All playoff entries will be determined by section record only and will be determined by the best section won/lost record. Teams that tie for first place will not have the tie broken and ALL of the tied teams will be declared section champions, will receive section winner’s plaques, and will be entered into the WPIAL Tournament. All site assignments will be made by the WPIAL and Boys Lacrosse Committee based on site suitability and availability. Home sites MAY be used but no team is guaranteed a home game.

More Realignment reaction 2.0 later.

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