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Latest Rabil Warrior Promo Video, Warp Thoughts

Rabil discussing the Warp.

“One of my main objectives is to continue testing and development of the Warp. It is a daring product that many people says breaks with tradition. The same could have been said about the titanium shaft.” – Paul Rabil

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.30.08 PM

Looks straight out of the hit FX show “Fargo”

The Warp certainly goes against the grain of what old school laxers consider to be acceptable. Unlike the titanium shaft, the Warp has a chance to make the game far more accessible to young players therefore making it a more important product. While it is easy to bash the Warp behind the protection of social media anonymity, if you’re someone who has ever used #growthegame, you should be praying the Warrior gets the Warp right.

Would it be a big win for the company if Rabil uses one during the MLL season? Or, is it better for business for him to keep using his signature head?

The biggest issue we’ve had with the Warp has been hold. Just not a lot of confidence with the stick when it comes to ball retention. After watching the below gif of Rabil, we find ourselves wondering, have they continued to improve the hold of the next wave of Warps or is that measure of control a byproduct of Rabil being a very strong human being?


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