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Denver Notre Dame Gear Notes

2500 people watched Denver drop the Irish in the final second. Take a deep dive into interesting gear choices by the players.

IL Photo Gallery from Denver Notre Dame

  • Denver’s Tyler Pace was not using a Warp. Has he used a Warp this season?
  • Denver’s Connor Cannizzaro has opted to continue to use last year’s custom Evo gloves.
  • Notre Dame athletes continue to use a myriad of Under Armour gloves of all different color combos. Pierre Byrne wore stock white Command gloves. Sergio Perkovic used custom all gold Engage gloves. Ryder Garnsey sported custom white and navy Biofit gloves. Timmy Phillips wore custom gold Biofit gloves. A few others wore custom gold Command gloves.

Wear whatever gloves you want @ndlacrosse @ualacrosse

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