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Joel Tinney is the Most Exciting Hopkins Player since Kyle Harrison, Another Hidden Ball Trick Goal

Tinney did these things as a freshman.

Then, after a year break, he returned with a 3 goal 2 assist effort including these gems:

Thanks to warm weather and Joel Tinney, the normally painful Hopkins season opener on ESPNU was filled with high scoring and eye popping moments. A prior blog post induced FCA coach Drew Wardlow to share this incredible young Tinney anecdote:

Joel Tinney was playing on my FCA team in Lake Placid in 2013.  The day before the championship game we were having dinner at a pizza place.  I had preordered twelve pizzas for team.  Joel approached me and wanted a Hawaiian pizza. I was initially hesitant, because we already had a lot of pizza.  Joel promised to score 5 goals in championship in exchange for the pizza.  The next day, he scored the first 3 goals and then our 5th.  He also played LSM because we had some injuries.  We won 9-7.

Hopkins may be hoping Tinney can carry the load in a similar fashion this spring.

He did it again today against Loyola with another hidden ball trick. This time it resulted in an overtime winner.

He’s super athletic. Super  stick skills.

Everything we’re promised when it comes to a player with a serious box background.

Joel Tinney touches the ball and I stand up like I’m watching Curry heat up.

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