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D3 Blog: Part II

Stevens Tech. Denison. Gettysburg. Haverford. Clark. Rollins.

Head Safety at Stevens

Everyone wearing pillows wrapped around their skulls.

Kings of the NCAC 

Fun fact: Denison has the most Yinzers of any NCAC squad.

Only Die Hard Gettysburg Fans Need Apply

Strap in for a seventeen minute interview.

Haverford Captains Preview the Season from the Coaches Office

Numbers on the sleeve. Thoughts?

Clark 2016 Highlights

These just posted but you’re going to want to see a particular sideline celebration if those things get you going.

D2 Bonus: Mars Hill vs. Rollins

Florida beats North Carolina 14-9.

We keep this series going past a certain point the title will likely change to current numerals not Roman numerals. Is current numerals the proper term? No idea about roman numbers after nineteen 19 XIX.

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