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Surprising STX and UA Glove Prices

Price points for the 2017 Under Armour and STX gloves are much higher than we expected.

The first time I saw the STX Stallion glove I assumed it was mid to high tier glove. Wrong. The Stallion 500 glove checks in at $179.99 on which $10 more than the initial price of the Surgeon 500 model. You can currently purchase the Surgeon for $159.99 on Does anyone else feel like the Stallion doesn’t look like it should cost more than the Surgeon?

STX is certainly dealing with other issues right now.

Under Armour’s new Biofit glove is starting to surface on UA campuses despite little fanfare on social media from UA. As of Thursday afternoon, there are no pictures of the glove on UA’s Instagram. Don’t bother looking at UA on Twitter. You’ll find the same content repurposed. Hardcore UA lacrosse fans should be following northeast sales rep Bobby Errante as he is the only driving engine for UA social media.More curious, Team 22 Lax, the maker of UA lacrosse gear, does not have the Biofit glove available for customization.

Back to the glove itself, the Biofit checks in at $224.99, just a few dollars more than Warrior’s Evo Pro. This price point is a major jump from last ย year’s Engage glove currently retailing at $169.99. Conversely, the Command glove is going for $119.99. Perhaps a $100 price difference is why many folks are going with custom Command gloves despite the glove entering its third season.





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