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Team USA Players Sporting Warps

Team USA bros out here WARPING.

Didn’t know Team USA Notre Dame scrimmage was this weekend. Apparently, most didn’t know either.

Share this blog post if you knew USA was scrimmaging Notre Dame and it was going to be webcast.

More importantly, Warrior was a late sponsorship add to the event which meant new Warps (black molding) were out in force.

Mustang representing πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @smiimkoen Tree Flexing ..

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Interestingly enough, Drew Snides did not use a Warp. He cited the late sponsorship and regular practice with a traditional mesh stick as the reason.

The big pull for Warp Life was Rob Pannell.

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Of course, Brine and Warrior are in bed together. Mike Simon, pictured above, is a Brine athlete. Not going to look into Pannell switching to Warrior too much. The bigger issue is clearly one of the biggest brands in the sport is using the most controversial piece of equipment.

Warps are coming ya’ll.

One More Warrior Gear Bit

Most people will miss this…

That’s Michigan native Sergio Perkovic wearing Warrior Evo Pro gloves. Notre Dame is of course an Under Armour school.

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