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2017 Michigan Commit Looks Like

Meet Hunter Batesko. Plus, Michigan versus Ohio State recruiting.

Hunter is a 6’3″ middie from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey and he has a bazooka attached to his shoulder.

Yesterday, a fellow asked who was getting better recruits; Michigan or Ohio State.

Let’s take a look at Recruiting Rundown’s player rankings by class for an answer. We are just going to post commits who have been ranked in Ty’s top 100.



No. 24 Alex Buckanavage, A, Brunswick (Conn.)
No. 42 Ben Cirella, LSM, Manhasset (N.Y.)
No. 61 Kevin Mack, A, Manhasset (N.Y.)

No. 15 Justin Inacio, M/FO, Hill Academy (Ont.)
No. 23 J.T. Bugliosi, A, Calvert Hall (Md.)
*No. 38 Jackson Reid, M, Culver (Ind.)
No. 55 Colby Barker, M, Pittsford (N.Y.)
No. 71 Colby Smith, A/M, Hempfield (Pa.)
No. 80 Evan Riss, D, Oakland Mills (Md.)


No. 15 John John Lombardi, A/M, Salisbury (Conn.) / SweetLax
No. 33 Griffin Gelinas, A, Brunswick (Conn.) / Prime Time
No. 47 Emmett Jones, LSM/D, Lakeridge (Ore.) / 3d Oregon
*No. 50 Jordan Young, LSM/D, Springside Chestnut Hill (Pa.) / Big 4 HHH
No. 57 Luke Summers, M, Parkland (Pa.) / Big 4 HHH
No. 72 JP Lannig, A, Syosset (N.Y.) / LI Express
No. 78 Zach Johnson, M, Landon (Md.) / Madlax
No. 83 Spencer Grant, FO/M, Torrey Pines (Calif.) / West Coast Starz
No. 89 Bryce Clay, A, Forest Hills Central (Mich.) / Juiced Cherries

No. 65 Zach Ludd, A, Governor’s (Mass.) / NH Tomahawks


No. 20 Jake Bonomi, A/M, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) / LI Express
No. 40 Andrew Tyeryar, F/O, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Va.) / Madlax
No. 44 Will Hurley, LSM/D, Manheim Township (Pa.) / Big 4 HHH

No. 6 Grant Mitchell, M, Buford (Ga.) / Thunder
No. 13 James Cipolla, A/M, Parkland (Pa.) / Big 4 HHH
No. 31 Connor Mitchell, M, Buford (Ga.) / Thunder

Both schools have four 2020 commitments but that class hasn’t been ranked yet.

Fair to say as of today, Ohio State has the better 2017 class, Michigan has the much better 2018 class, and the Bucks have a slight edge with their 2019s. Of course, recruits can and will improve and flip over the next three seasons.

What about head to head on the field where it counts?

2016: Ohio State 10 Michigan 7

2015: Ohio State 13 Michigan 8

2014: Ohio State 15 Michigan 6

2013: Ohio State 17 Michigan 8

2012: Ohio State 12 Michigan 9

How long do you think it will take Michigan to win a game?

Do you think Michigan made a mistake by elevating their club team instead of recruiting for a year or two?

Real good chance we’re in the building for the Cleveland State Michigan game February 4th.

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