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MCLA Blue Blood Boston College Still Needs a Head Coach

One reason they haven’t been able to hire anyone may be the low salary.

Boston College probably wanted to have a coach in place prior to their team tryouts last week.

A new LaxPower ad now has the job application as December 1st and November 1st since the body of the ad apparently wasn’t updated since they first time they posted the ad on the club’s website.


Here’s what the head coach of the 6th best MCLA program in the country  (according to LaxPower) would be required to do:

Job Description: The role of a club coach is to assist in the instructional elements of the club’s activity in order to help the team work towards achieving its goals. As a student-run organization, all administrative aspects of the team are the responsibility of the student officers, not the coach. This includes, but is not limited to, scheduling, space requests, travel plans, purchases and other financial transactions, fundraising efforts, and prospective player inquiries.

Essential functions of the role:
– Direction and supervision of team practices
– Attendance at all practices and competitions
– Supervision of the team during trips
– Adherence to all University and governing association regulations
– Commitment to the development of club sport student-athletes
– Serve as an official representative of the University at all Club Sport functions

That seems fairly standard.

Here’s where Boston College may have run into some issues.

The position runs from December-May. The total stipend for the position is $3,500 ($500 per month), and a minimum of 200 hours of work are expected (average of 25/month).

$3500 is not a lot of money for a head coach even by MCLA standards.

There are high school junior varsity coaches that make more money. Could be tough luring in someone that already has a full time job that would allow them to be an MCLA coach. Hope it works out for the Lax Eagles. Love seeing non Western MCLA schools have success.

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