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Box Training Camp Go Pro Footage

The Canadians are coming. The Canadians are coming.

Last week, Mark Matthews, Shayne Jackson, and Reilly O’Connor were in town to work with the 412 Elite Box Travel Program.

With every top D1 high school having at least one athlete represented, the 412 Elite staff is extremely excited to see the impact 24 hours of focused training and three tournaments will have on Pittsburgh lacrosse this spring. The past week was a pivotal start to that transformation and couldn’t be made possible with out the assembled staff.

Mark Matthews has once again been named an NLL MVP Finalist and just finished up his second season as an NLL champion with the Rush. Shayne Jackson, a D2 Player of the Year at Limestone,¬†finished second on his NLL team in points with 40 goals and 43 assists. And, Reilly O’Connor, visiting Pittsburgh for the first time, chipped in 32 points for the Roughnecks while coaching the Hill Academy.

This is the second year in a row Matthews and Jackson have made the trip south from Canada to work with our athletes. Four participants from last year have already committed to D1. Two 2017s who have recently committed to D3 schools joined the program last week.

Calvin Sargent (Moon ’17, Cleveland State ’21) wore a Go Pro camera for the final day. If you don’t know how physical box is or how hard it is to score in box, you’re probably dead.

Be sure to watch in HD.

Non Go Pro footage.

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