Commentary and Theory with a yinzer slant #year9

Scott Pugh’s Committed Combine


Full game video.

Quite the collection of talent.

Game action begins at the 4:31 mark.


Scott Pugh, Andy Gallagher, Pat Frazier, Ryan Brown, Kyle Bernlohr, Mike Lowe, Jack Rowlett

Participating Athletes

Connor Shellenberger STAB ’19 (VA) Madlax JHU A

Matt Mayer St.Pauls ’17 (MD) Rock Navy A

Jacob Angelus PVI ’19 (VA) Blackwolf JHU A

Nick Cole Stone Bridge ’18 (VA) Blackwolf Navy A

Casey Waller IMG ’17 (FL) Rock Drexel A

Kyle Brickerd Broad Run ’17 (VA) Blackwolf Maryland A

Alex Trippi Bullis ’17 (MD) Blackwolf UNC A

Colin Zimmerman Chantilly ’16 (VA) Blackwolf High Point A

Ben Martin SSSA ’16 (VA) Blackwolf Dartmouth A

Kyle Long Springfield ’18 (PA) Dukes Maryland A/M

Mitchell Howell DeMatha ’16 (MD) Blackwolf UMBC A

Owen Seebold Highland Park ’17 (TX) C2C Syracuse A

Reece Belcher TC Williams ’15 (VA) Madlax M

Jordan Ginder* Deerfield ’18 (MA) Team91 Duke M

Austin Stewart* SSSA ’18 (VA) Madlax Denver M

Rory Bracken Episcopal ’19 (VA) Blackwolf Maryland M

Evan Zinn Staples ’18 (CT) LI Express JHU M

Bryson Shaw MSJ ’19 (MD) Crabs Maryland M

Reed Moshyedi Churchill ’18 (MD) Crabs Brown M

Grayson Hassell Jesuit ’18 (TX) IronHorse Navy M

Danny Isaac River Hill ’16 (MD) RoughRiders UMBC M

Patrick Skalniak ESD ’18 (TX) Tx Mustangs Navy M

Jon Hetrick Poolesville ’16 (MD) LaxFactory UMBC M

David Sprock Jesuit ’18 (TX) IronHorse UVA M

Zach Johnson Landon ’18 (MD) Madlax Michigan M

Brandon Fisher* PVI ’18 (VA) VLC OSU M

Cole Herbert Calvert Hall ’20 (MD) Crabs UNC M

Colby Smith Hempfield ’17 (PA) NXT OSU M

Ricky Miezen Episcopal ’18 (VA) Madlax UNC M

Ryan Terefenko* Wilson ’16 (PA) NXT OSU M

Greyson Ergenbirght PVI ’18 (VA) Blackwolf Dartmouth M

Griffin Brown Landon ’16 (MD) VLC Colgate M

Andrew Cave Gtown Prep ’18 (MD) Blackwolf Dartmouth M

Garrett Leadmon DeMatha ’18 (MD) Blackwolf M

Jack Forrest Bullis ’16 (MD) Madlax Dartmouth M

Alex Smith St.Andrews ’17 (MD) Madlax Hartford M

Jack Taylor Churchill ’18 (MD) Blackwolf Brown D

Brendan Wallace Salisbury ’16 (CT) Blackwolf OSU D

Jimmy Rubino Churchill ’18 (MD) Blackwolf PSU D

Colin Hinton SJC ’17 (DC) Blackwolf Maryland D

Ben Finlay Gonzaga ’19 (DC) SweetLax JHU D

Jake Giulieri Gtown Prep ’19 (MD) Blackwolf Notre Dame D

JQ Stramanak Spalding ’18 (MD) Hawks Cornell D

Alex Reno Arundel ’18 (MD) Crabs Towson D

Devin Gilligan West Chester East ’18 (PA) Dukes Michigan D

Cristian Edwards Churchill ’16 (MD) Madlax Syracuse D

Jack Witherspoon Gilman ’20 (MD) Crabs UNC D

Walker Scaglione Cosby ’16 (VA) FCA Duke D

Caton Johnson Manheim Township ’18 (PA) Dukes UNC G

Luke Strang Good Counsel ’16 (MD Madlax Syracuse G

John Van Sickle Mira Costa ’16 (CA) 3d Drexel G

Alex Rode St. Pauls ’17 (MD) Crabs UVA G

Garrett Hasken* DeMatha ’13 UMBC D

Spencer Alston* South Lakes ’18 (VA) Nation United OSU D

Griffin Gelinas* Brunswick ’18 (CT) PrimeTime Syracuse A

Joey Epstein* Landon ’18 (MD) Madlax JHU A

Isaiah Davis-Allen SSSA ’13 (VA) Blackwolf Maryland M

Charlie Horning Gtown Prep ’14 (MD) Fairfield A

Mark Anstead Gonzaga ’14 (DC) Blackwolf Detriot

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