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6 Reasons the World Series U13 Final Disappointed in Year 2

All quality reasons.

  1. Not a representation of the best clubs in America. No Philadelphia clubs. Crabs, Breakers, Fighting Clams, Laxachusetts, Sweet Lax, Denver Elite, and Georgia Thunder didn’t show up. Much better selection of squads in 2015. Playing on ESPN2 must not be much of an incentive for the national elite to fly to Denver.
  2. Three of the final four teams were from Long Island. Why is that interesting? Why is that allowed? Three teams from the same area would never qualify for the Little World Series.
  3. Team 91 scored 19 goals in last year’s championship. This year’s Long Island scrimmage featured a combined 11 goals. Not captivating television.
  4. A U13 club lacrosse game was on ESPN2. The tournament receives a ton of MLL support and yet the MLL game taking place in the same stadium the little kids played in later that night was not on ESPN. Maybe the sponsorship dollars generated for a youth tournament with slightly above average competition would be better off going towards the MLL.
  5. This game was on television at 6PM on July 4th. Who sat in front of their television to watch the entire match?
  6. Still named after a baseball event.

Only watched the first portion of the first quarter but the viewing audience had to be thankful Quint and Joe were suffocating them with constant reminders over the importance of being a multi sport athlete a la the UA All American game.

U13 remains the most ridiculous age group. Was the goalie really 4’8″?  There was definitely a 6’4″ pole on the field.

Someone suggested that it is problematic that ESPN is putting U13 lacrosse players on television. ESPN has been putting children on air for years.



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