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Part One: The Social Media Myth

Inappropriate tweets probably aren’t going to cost you a roster spot on a non revenue generating sports team.

Football and basketball programs spend a lot of money on recruiting efforts. They also have full scholarships up for grabs. Those coaches have to be careful. They can ask a janitor about a 2017, find out he has a bad attitude, and cross him off the list. (A college football coach actually tweeted that story.) What are the chances your school janitor knows you even play lacrosse?

We’ve seen kids tweet dumb things. They are still committed.

You should still be a respectful and decent human being on social media because it is a reflection of you, your school, and your program. Two or three man college lacrosse coaching staffs have bigger fish to fry than to monitor your tweets so chances are they won’t see that World Star retweet and it won’t blow your opportunity to play at a low end D1 program.

But, an underage drinking violation will.



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