New Website and Podcast Arrives January 2018

Weekend Highlights

Duke and Virginia wins in overtime caps off an exciting weekend of competitive team sports.

Duke crawled out of a deep hole for this win. No idea what to make of this Blue Devils team.

Anybody watch this tilt? Felt really nervous and sad for UVA when they let in the first several goals of the game.

Loyola easily dispatched Bucknell in all white helmet Patriot League action. What conference was Loyola in prior to joining the PL?

Wait until you see this first goal that Yale scored off on the ride. What a strange bounce. Princeton, the long time flag bearer for Warrior, showed off a grey New Balance uniform. How much longer until the hard goods are NBLax?

Rutgers continues to surge in non conference play. The Knights are currently 7-2. Hopkins up next weekend.

Towson all over Binghamton. Pretty decal effort by Binghamton. Can’t really tell what they are but, they sure look green on film.

If you’re a fan of long form content, here is the full Maryland UNC game. Great color on color helmet match up.

Cool little feature story to remind that Albany still exists despite the departure of Lyle Thompson.

And finally, some D3 action featuring squads from our beloved NCAC.

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