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The Best Pittsburgh High School Videos from 2015

The 2016 season opens next week. Gaze into the best videos from 2015.

Be sure you’re watching the YouTube clips in HD.

Seneca Valley topped Pine Richland in triple overtime for their biggest win of the season.

Is this the year Seneca Valley returns to the post season?

Opening scene of this newly released video might serve as a powerful motivational tool for the Indians.

Fun fact: Mt. Lebanon middie Brian Ward strings a majority of Peters Township sticks.

Field level shots from warm ups, the game, and post game celebrations. Disregard the 3:49 mark.

Perhaps, the most exciting moment in Pittsburgh lacrosse history.

And, despite the horrific helmet choices, what may be the best Pittsburgh lacrosse film ever produced…

Shot by Bijan Firouzan at 0:41 is absurd. Firouzan would go on to be a captain and All American at Gettysburg.

Dylan White, the giant wearing #15, just finished his football career at Princeton and is now playing lacrosse. He has played in one of two games for the 1-1 Tigers.

Unlimited superlatives this post.

2016 Pittsburgh preseason content presented by Bells & Bain drops all next week.

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