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What’s adidas Lacrosse Up To?

Checking in on the Three Stripe Squad.

A couple months ago, we posted an opus detailing the return of adidas to the sport and their Kanye West/boost powered surge. (Recently purchased the adidas Ultra Boost. Haven’t had an super high end Nike shoes in a while, but the Boosts are shockingly light for how much cushion they offer.)

adidas gloves and uniforms are turning up all over NCAA fields this early spring.


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@adidas @bucknellmenslax

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Close look at @bryantathletics @adidas set up

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They’ve gained some ground in 2016 if only because of contractual obligations. Since an initial flurry of likely sponsored tweets from, the lax arm of the brand has been silent on social. Do they even have an adidas lacrosse social channel? At this time, we’re fairly obsessed with adverbs and ranking a company’s interest in their lacrosse brand based on how active they are with content marketing.

Here’s something that’s quite odd.

When we asked our adidas guy about their custom glove generator, he said, we aren’t offering custom gloves this year, but may next year.

Custom gloves are a staple of lacrosse now. Even high school teams with no business offering custom gloves are offering custom gloves. Strange move by adidas.

Their 2017 catalog is already out and doesn’t include new gloves or high end offensive head. Perhaps they are waiting for a full year to get feedback from their college teams before racing off to craft new products. They are releasing a $195 low cleat pictured below. Basketball shoes and soccer cleats are regularly pushing the $200 threshold. (Of course, Harden’s signature adidas shoe, also a low cut, coming in September is listed at $130.) Realistically, would you rather wear $200 cleats by any brand or $90 Warrior Burns?

2017 @adidas shaft available in October

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2017 @adidas heads

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2017 @adidas cleat

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The thing to watch is what happens in Colorado. Denver is listed as an adidas sponsored school in their catalog. Only a matter of time before the Warrior hard goods contract runs out.

At this time, Nike and Under Armour have not released their 2017 spring catalogs.

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