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Colorado State Drops Grand Canyon in Overtime

Jump to conclusions mat. The Rams just saved their season.

Here’s what we know.

  1. Alex Smith, arguably one of the top coaches in MCLA history, left CSU after disagreeing with administration about how the program should be run.
  2. The Rams promoted assistant coach Ted Fifield to head coach in December. A curious hire considering Fifield played in the NCLL and has no head coaching experience at any level. Perhaps the Rams reopen the position over the summer when a larger pool of applicants is available.
  3. Two weeks ago, the Rams get blasted 16-4 by NCAA D2 Colorado Mesa. Mesa then opened their season against with a loss against former MCLA squad Westminster.
  4. Colorado State loses 6-4 to Arizona on Friday.
  5. Items 3 and 4, plus a daunting schedule, had some (raises hand) thinking CSU’s run as dominant program was over. Easily could look at CSU’s upcoming slate and project them at 0-9 heading into the Utah State game. But, they triumphed over Grand Canyon in Arizona. Perhaps the Rams aren’t in terrible shape. Perhaps Grand Canyon really isn’t that good. Check back in next weekend, when we’ve changed our minds again.
  6. Welcome back #clublife

Bonus MCLA Notes

  • MCLA fortunate to have Jac Coyne back in the mix.
  • Dear sweet, newborn, Southern, sweet tea drinking, baby Jesus, is the best MCLA team in Georgia?
  • There’s far more video available now than even three years ago. Are poll voters watching? Do they have enough time to travel back on a Sunday and watch film before turning in their rankings?
  • Not sure how to navigate MCLA’s new website.Where’s the team drop down menu?
  • MCLA Twitter newfound love affair with GIFs, inside jokes, and chirping opponents gets a team in trouble before it gets another account featured on a college bro site. Duluth and Arizona used the same meme within five minutes of each other.

Texas State head coach Kyle Saunders is carrying the flag for the anti Twitter bro movement.

We used to be able to ask…would a D1 team tweet that? Well, Denver’s out here using gifs regularly…

Just want caution MCLA teams to be careful with social media. You’re traveling around the country with your school logo. You have thousands of dollars invested into a club sport. Your university doesn’t want any problems. Maybe don’t tweet video from a bar.

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