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Tampa Bench Mob is Actual Spartan Army

Florida D2 squad has a lot of sleeveless bros on their team.

Tampa’s roster has rostered players from #0-62 and junior goalie Brendan Supple has opted to wear #74, which is of course, a grand total of three hundred Spartans.

Shout out Max Cicero from Seneca Valley who wears #57. Cicero played in the Adelphi game, but did not record a stat.

Yinzer Alert.


Tampa is one of a litany of schools who have decided to put a noteworthy school building on their helmet. As you can see from the video above, there’s a good chance said building decal will be confused with a blob if you aren’t standing within seventeen inches of the helmet.

Better chance no one outside of the University of Tampa understands or cares about the school’s library, cafeteria, or rec center.

Looks interesting on Instagram.

Useless in real life.

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