Commentary and Theory with a yinzer slant #year9

Rate this Rabil James Harden Drill

Probably need way less Go Pro footage.

Plant, turn, and release.

Assuming you already have a step on your defender, this seems like a superfluous maneuver.

The Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash reference is very confusing considering the title of the drill. In case you don’t know what a Euro Step is…

However, when Collin Castellaw of Shot Mechanics is talking about rocking the ball from hip to hip, that does seem to mimic Rabil’s thoughts on catching and switching hands.

Adverbs aside, a worthwhile drill for middies? Maybe more so for attackmen, especially considering the man up (power play) reference. If you’re thinking about a certain shot for a certain time and place, you’re starting to think about the game on a higher plane.

Learn more, win more.

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