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14 Minutes on Sergio Perkovic’s Shooting Mechanics

Prepared by former Loyola and Maryland athlete Ryan Small. Fascinating deep dive into the lower body mechanics of one of the most famous D1 shooters of the last few seasons.

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Still can’t believe Perkovic scored 5 goals in 5:57 of the 4th quarter against Denver and Notre Dame lost the game. What’s Notre Dame’s record when Perkovic scores more than 3 goals in a game? We’d look it up on but they trashed their scores and stats section of their website.


On October 14 2014, we asked “Could Perkovic Be a More Productive Passer than┬áRabil?”┬áThis post was largely inspired by Perkovic’s fall ball shredding of Team USA’s defense. Perkovic had 6 assists in the scrimmage or one more than he had his entire freshman campaign.

For comparison, Rabil had 14 assists as a freshman, 13 assists as a sophomore, 26 assists as a junior, and 14 assists as a senior.

Perkovic only had 7 assists as a sophomore so we’ll quietly put down our “Perkovic is a better passer than Rabil” flag. We made mention of this in June.

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