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Box Goal of the Day

Casual face dodge to one hander.

Logan Schuss out here delivering this treat for the Vancouver Stealth.

Unreal underhand. @loganschuss18 @vancouverstealth #NLL

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Some game fun stats for you:

FINAL SCORE: Stealth 13 – Roughnecks 15

SHOTS ON GOAL: Stealth 50 – Roughnecks 48

LOOSE BALLS: Stealth 66 – Roughnecks 59

FACE-OFFS: Stealth 18-32 – Roughnecks 14-32

POWERPLAY: Stealth 4-7 – Roughnecks 2-6

The shots on goal and loose ball numbers are of particular importance when talking about implementing box lacrosse into your town or club’s youth program. There’s a very good chance an athlete will pick up more groundballs and take more shots in a three box games than they will all season in field. Imagine if those box reps take place in a one day tournament.

The first youth program in a developing area that says, “F*** field lacrosse for U9, U11, U13,” is going to have a tremendous advantage.

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