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Warrior Warp Surfaces

Mesh knit head hybrid.


Price rumors have it at $250-$300.

Denver’s Tyler Pace was using the head against Hopkins. So far, he’s the only player using the head/mesh set up to be photographed. Pace, a Canadian junior, has recorded 86 points in his first two seasons. This is important for Warrior, because they have a talented college athlete using the product. Much different than the last rostered d-middie using the product in the 5th quarter.

Is this a breakthrough or novelty like floating sidewalls?

Important update from Brown assistant coach, Lars Kiel, who has seen it in person, but hasn’t touched it…

I will place all my write up in the comments below! #warpforward

A post shared by Lars Keil (@sidewalljedi) on

  • -Ok, here we go, please excuse my rudimentary diagram, I just wanted to break up my explanation into sections. -To Start- I saw it behind the glass in the warp vault like everyone else, I haven’t gotten my hands on it, yet. Please don’t take my words as gospel, the following explanation is as much my informed opinion as it is information I have heard from Warrior employees. I will of course give an even more in depth review as soon as I can get my hands on one in (hopefully) a couple weeks. Also bear in mind that the pics that were posted today of the Denver player and the head in the vault are prototypes and are subject to change.
  • First impression- It looks cool. It’s a modified EVO 4X so it has the Warrior feel. I never ventured to guess if Warrior would make a new head or use an existing one as a platform for the Warp but this makes sense. -1.) As I’m sure many of us have seen, the Warp is a modified EVO 4x. I didn’t have enough time to really look at the thing so I’m still guessing how it’s put together and what it feels like, but from the @DenverMLAX pics that came out today and from seeing it in the vault, it looks like the “mesh” (that’s what I’m going to call it for now only because I don’t know a better name to call it) is attached to the head by some rubber/glue/composite material.
  • 2.) Up where we usually place our 2 or 3 straight shooters, this is not a solid material as it kinda looks like in the DU pics. It looks like a very fine screen, and as you see in the picture, you can make out what looks like two very fine lines that I believe serve the same purpose of shooters providing “feel”
  • -3.) The pocket. Now here is where it gets interesting, as that one very vague looking picture @warriorlax posted suggests, the whole “mesh” piece is woven by machine, and the machine dictates where the pocket will be placed. I originally guessed after being told about the warp in early December that the “mesh” would be mass produced and pocket placement would be determined by how you attach the “mesh” pocket to the plastic of the head, I was wrong. Every possible pocket variation (and as far as how many possible variations go, the reps tell me an almost limitless number) is made in a machine individually. Whatever the pocket placement may be, the outside edge will always be the same, assuming it’s always going to the same stick. I do believe at some point Warrior will make another version of the warp with a different head shape like the RP3 WARP or something like that. Once I can get my hands on one I’ll be able to tell you a lot more I’m sure, but as for right now I’m still guessing about a lot.
  • Takeaways- And remember my opinions on this may change, but I don’t think the stringing community has much to worry about, at least for a very long time. I honestly don’t think Warrior is trying to get rid of stick stringing with this product. Warrior is owned by New Balance, which is a multimillion dollar company and this is business. Warrior KNOWS how big stringing has become. Stick stringing has come a LONG way, and I am absolutely positive the best is yet to come from our small community. But big businesses typically care about the bottom line, and they are doing what big business does by trying to bring new products to the market. Think long term, even if they somehow got 10,000 of these heads out into the market this spring season, that would still be less than 1% of 1% of the heads out there being used at all levels. And remember that Warrior itself is still producing tens of thousands of all of the other heads they manufacture, then add all the other heads on the market being made by different companies. Even if the Warp is half as good as they say it is it will take a decade at least (I think, I could be way off) before stringers are meaningfully impacted.
  • Do I like it or not?!?!?- Of course this may likely change when I can actually throw with one, but all I can say right now is POTENTIALLY I like what it means for the game of Lacrosse. I coach NCAA Division I Lacrosse and my job is increasing performance. Maybe I’m a bit cocky in saying this, but I feel absolutely positive that I can do a better job stringing sticks for my players than Warp can do right off the shelf. Warrior touts that it throws consistently every single time, and that may be, but so does EVERY SINGLE STICK I string. I love it when kids ask me how long it takes me to sting sticks, often thinking I can do it really fast, and my response is “as long as it takes for it to be awesome”. I have legitimately never timed myself, it took me over an hour to do a topstring on a Void Lyte last night (the one I posted with the big wide low bag) because I wanted it to be PERFECT. I don’t string sticks hoping that it’s the best stick my players have ever used (I do of course hope for this), my goal is that they never get another stick strung by anyone else and they feel so strongly about it that they tell all their friends about it and get them to call me. When I get a new head I will play with it for HOURS before I ever try to string it for anyone else. Sorry, I digress. Getting back to the Warp. I think it will be best utilized amongst our youth. For as strong as the stringing community has become, major sporting good manufacturers still outsell all of us (i think) by a long shot. I believe and hope that the Warp can help young players by giving them a stick that makes it easier for them to learn our great game rather than using a stick that makes it more difficult as the case so often is.
  • Lastly- Please consider this review/reflection unfinished. When I know more I will post more. Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to respond to them as best I can.
    Thanks for reading!

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