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UPDATED: USA U19 and Men’s Team in Action this Weekend

Maximum anxiety.

If you’re a clueless USA fan, you probably think Rabil is going to score nine and they’ll win. Both games.

Wrong. Rabil is hurt again and not participating.

If you’re a marginally intelligent USA fan, you’re probably curious to see how this pick up team handles the dramatically different leadership tactics of John Danowksi.

But, you’re also likely expecting U19 to get boat raced again by a better version of the Hill Academy, who already drubbed them this fall, and for Denver to stay to close with the American men’s side. (No reason for 40 year old Casey Powell to be on this team. Just stealing reps from someone who will actually be available to run by a defender in 2018.)

The games are going to be streamed. Remember when they were on ESPNU on 8 hour tape delay? Would you rather watch it on your computer as it is happening or Sunday night after you already know what happened?

If you’re on the box lacrosse as a developmental tool bandwagon, you’re begging for two Canadian wins.

USA U19 got new helmets for the weekend.

Team Canada¬†showed up looking like this…

Let’s hope the USA defense isn’t as soft as they were that one time they scrimmaged Denver…

Update: One of our most trusted lacrosse advisors/mentors has Team Canada U19 by 6 and Denver by 3.

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