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MCLA Question of the Week

Lacrosse Magazine released their preseason on December 23rd. It looks like this…

Rank Team
1. Grand Canyon
2. Colorado
3. Virginia Tech
4. Chapman
5. Arizona State
6. Georgia Tech
7. Brigham Young
8. Cal Poly
9. Stanford
10. Colorado State
11. San Diego State
12. Arizona
13. Simon Fraser
14. Boston College
15. Michigan State
16. Oregon State
17. Sonoma State
18. Liberty
19. Texas State
20. Davenport

Of the top 20, there are two teams from Virginia, one from Massachusetts, one from Georgia, and two from Michigan. Davenport, one of those Michigan teams, will be leaving for the NAIA lacrosse conference. Liberty, one of the Virginia teams, may or may not be trending towards NCAA waters. The other fourteen schools are western schools. When Davenport leaves for the NAIA, invariably another California school will be plugged into the top 20.

Here’s the question, why not make MCLA D1 all western teams and eastern teams that want to compete in D1 and then make D2 all eastern teams?

Sub question, how sustainable is the MCLA on their current track?

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