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Christian McCaffrey Obviously Played Multiple Sports in High School

The then 17 year old probably had bigger arms than you do now.

Lolz. Remember Reebok?

McCaffrey single handedly broke Iowa last night in the Rose Bowl.

The top reason we are in favor of multiple sport athletes:

  • Can’t recreate the competitive environment of game day during an offseason lacrosse practice

The top reason we are in favor of single sport athletes:

  • More time to devote to your craft

Apex athletes should be able to play multiple sports given their physical talents. For the most part, D1 lacrosse players are playing at least one more sport. (Are Canadians coming from The Hill Academy involved in anything other than lacrosse and weight lifting?) The challenge at the high school level is if you are mediocre athlete at a larger school, you are more likely to lose your roster spot on your spring sport team if you’re busy playing for your fall spot team. It is understandable when players wash out prior to the end of senior year when playing time and general levels of fun become factors. McCaffrey, like most D1 college athletes, was a star or impact player at every sport he played in high school. Makes more sense for those kinds of kids to ball out year round regardless of the shape and size of the ball.

Rapid Fire

Who is picking up a 50/50 ground ball?

  • The multi sport athlete, preferably with a football background

Who is more likely to score on man up?

  • The single sport athlete, likely a crafty left handed attackman

Who is a better face off man?

  • Maybe a multi sport athlete with a wrestling background, depending upon the competition

Who is a better leader?

  • Multi sport athlete who has already played a football/soccer season and a hockey/basketball season

Who are giving the ball to in overtime, Lebron or the 5th attackman on Boy’s Latin?

Never ending battle between the multi sport crowd and the single sport crowd.


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