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Still All in on Box, After Wanting Nothing to do With It

Still not convinced about box? Couple more things to consider.

This catch.

This goal.

How many old school coaches would have heart attacks over this entire sequence? You’d think they hate scoring goals.

Watch the first ten seconds of this next video.

The teams participating in this box tournament consist of some of the most elite clubs in the nation. If box lacrosse is good enough for the Dukes, Leading Edge, and Team 91, why isn’t it good enough for you?

Then, watch from 1:00 to 1:05.

Pass fake to face dodge to embracing contact to roll back to a shot from a better angle thanks to the roll back. Not to mention the the shot comes from the shooter’s strong hand.

Then, watch 1:33 to 1:43.

Ah…the benefits of a pass fake, a regular tool of the box lacrosse player.

Owen Black is committed to Villanova so someone is probably willing to make the argument that he would have been able to make those plays anyway. That’s fine. Be a non believer.

Small sided games and small area games have become a big focus for soccer and hockey.

Charlie Slagle article:

The U.S. Soccer Federation looks like it is getting ready to mandate small-sided games. My comment: what took you so long? Youth player development is, or at least should be, the goal of the soccer clubs in this country and playing with too many players on the field, on too large a field, shooting and goalkeeping with too large a goal, etc. are not achieving the desired result … player development.

Could easily recreate both hockey drills at your next lacrosse practice.


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