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Fusion Maple Leaf Kickoff 2015

A unique take on an American box tournament.

Instead of just unleashing Americans against properly trained box teams or unleashing them against other untrained squads, Fusion’s Maple Leaf Kickoff  devoted two hours to instruction the day before the tournament.

The problem with box lacrosse is that despite more people talking about than ever before, we still don’t really know what we are doing, especially when it comes to rules. At the tournament we entered two weeks ago, we witnessed everything from fights to moving picks being called to an unwillingness to protect the crease. It certainly doesn’t help that ESPN recently showed a clip of fight from an NLL game entitled, “lacrosse bro something something.” Combine the players’ confusion and the emotion emanating from the parents in the stands and you’re liable to end up with a combustible situation. To have a little bit of exposure to the rulebook and proper coaching while on the floor is incredibly valuable.

Philly Lacrosse article:

In all, the theme of the weekend was embracing the growth of box lacrosse, learning the game the right way, and competing against great teams.

“We have been holding box lacrosse events for some time and believe playing the game correctly directly translates to success outdoors,” said Fusion Co-owner and MLL/NLL standout Kevin Crowley. “The collective level of play and understanding of the box game this weekend was the best we have seen to date from east coast teams. This was extremely encouraging as there are a lot of great programs and coaches embracing and committing to the box game.”


If you’re considering entering a box tournament and you have the opportunity to choose events, try to select the event being run by leadership with a Canadian background.

Should you happen to enter a box tournament this winter or in the future and Team 91 is on your schedule, you’re in for a real treat.




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