Commentary and Theory with a yinzer slant #year9

Top 5 Heads of 2015

List by East Coast Dyes.

Think you can guess all five before watching?

Here’s a hint: 1 Maverik, 1 STX, 1 Brine, 2 Warrior

Are we another year away from Nike/Under Armour/adidas breaking into that list? Nike seemingly refuses to make anything new. The visual design of the Vapor glove has been used for what feels like the last five seasons. (Did you read our 2000 word post on adidas returning to the lacrosse market?)

Why was 2015 a quiet year for new heads? Are the kids not buying them as much? How many heads did you purchase in 2015? Showing up with multiple rigs was always a personal ego boos, but if you did happen have the back up stick strung the same way as the gamer you were way more prepared than the average bro who threw is stick in his bag after practice and left it there for twenty four hours.

This past season seemed to mark the staying power of premium mesh if it wasn’t a part of the lacrosse culture already. One would only need to look at the longest autograph line at the US Lacrosse Convention to agree. It wasn’t for a professional player. It was for Greg at ECD.

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