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FireThreads Shooters Help You Break Fastest Shot Speed Records

Oh, and that’s not all they do.

(Full disclosure: haven’t really paid attention to the Instagram stringing scene in a few months,  so we’re probably late to the dance on this one, but needed an excuse to use the James Harden Vine.)

A typical Instagram session involves the following:

  • Testing what filters produce the most likes for our grams
  • Scrolling the feed for Steph Curry DragonBall Z edits
  • Poking around the Search section for undiscovered treats

Yesterday, we unearthed something truly remarkable.

User @Lacrosse_Works posted this gram.



(@Lacrosse_Works bio suggests he’s a college attackman, but we were unable to discern his school. Something Hawks. Give his IG a follow though. He has some very cool restoration projects and the monochromatic baby blue Nike head is stunning.)

Back to the 115MPH dismay and requisite GIF…


Then, we found this YouTube, which posted in October with the following caption:

@firethreads just make sense. We’ve all had the displeasure of playing with a slippery ball…the worst! Your coach is on you for missing the net and your teammate who fed you, hoping for an apple, will move it to the next guy, next time. #firethreads basically makes a greaser feel like a new ball. The balls I was shooting have been in my backyard since last Winter. I could feel them hit my strings and launch the ball right to where I want it. It’s like using a new ball or a MLL grippy ball. It just wouldn’t make sense not to use them.” – Kevin Leveille (@kleveille1991)

James, how do you feel about shooting strings that can literally solve every problem known to man?

FireThreads are available for purchase now for the cool price of $24.99 from Elevation.


Get the most advanced lacrosse stringing kit for your stick with the Firethreads Stringers Kit. Includes 3 shooter laces, 2 shooter cords, 2 sidewall strings, 2 top strings, 1 bottom lace, 1 wrist cord.

  • Extra hold in your pocket
  • Maximum snap and power
  • Reduces the greaser effect
  • Easily maintains knot tension

They don’t really have an official website but do have what appears to be a very MySpace music style page. Shoutout to Tom.

FireThreads, send us a kit. We’ll film a video, post it, and then we’ll post your logo on the blog for FREE for a month…if it tames Pittsburgh grease.


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