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Part Two: Is this School Appropriate for my List?

Another way to guide your list making.

If Part One of “Is this School Appropriate for my List?” was too difficult for you to grasp or too time consuming, you’re not an elite level athlete anyway so don’t get upset. If you did perform the exercise and still feel like you’re in play at a certain school, here’s the next step to take, which was in fact, teased in Part One.

  • Check Recruiting Rundown to see if that school’s class is already full. If you’re not aware of Recruiting Rundown, you’re not serious about being recruited. The website will allow you to track what schools are filling up and what types of players schools are recruiting. Duke, for example, has three 2017 attackmen committed. They probably aren’t looking for another attackman. (You’re soft human being if you blame accelerated recruiting on media coverage.)

The hidden gem of Recruiting Rundown is the film. Take the player ranking, take the school commitment, and then watch the player’s highlight tape. Film helps to demystify everything. The film doesn’t lie.

Does your highlight tape look like 2019 UNC commit Elijah Myers?

Probably not which is why he’s a UNC commit and you’re not.

Take a peak at 2016 Loyola commit Ryan McNulty, ranked #4 in the class by RR.

Most short sticks don’t have McNulty’s range and that was sophomore year.

Do you think Denver is looking for a certain type of player? Film can help us identify trends. You think you can score goals?  Watch 2018 Josh Dawick score.

Effortless, almost apathetic. Look how dejected the goalie is at the 0:59 mark. Sick body language.

If you’re honest with yourself, your film doesn’t look like a UNC middie, Loyola LSM, or Denver attackman’s footage. That will allow you to readjust your recruiting expectations and it may also motivate you to work harder. Furthermore, watch the film of other top players at your position and pick out techniques to add to your game. The sport has come very far from VHS tapes and only three televised games all season. Would you consider yourself a student of the game? You can become a great student of the game without spending any money if you’re spending your time on the internet wisely.

  1. Go to Recruiting Rundown and watch highlight tape of the top ranked players in the country.
  2. Compare your footage to the ranked players’ footage.
  3. Borrow/steal/mimic techniques used by the ranked players in their highlight tape to improve your game.


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