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Mini Pumpkin Classic Recap

A few impressions from Seneca Valley’s annual event.

  • D2 and D3 college coaches were in attendance. Saw more coaches in Harmony, Pennsylvania in October than at the 2014 Tri State tournament, which probably means there were more coaches at the Pumpkin Classic than there were at the 2015 Tri State tournament as well.
  • Pine and Mt. Lebanon had two teams in the varsity bracket. Mt. Lebanon has done this for a number of years. Might be Pine’s first year bringing everyone up for “varsity” reps.
  • Watched a few minutes of Mt. Lebanon Blue’s game. “Is Ward on this team?” Mt. Lebanon middie shakes two defenders and effortlessly scores low to high or something to that effect. “Oh. There he is.”
  • Brian Ward is the best Pittsburgh player since Jimmy Mullen, a 2005 Mt. Lebanon middie who went to Dartmouth. Best Pittsburgh high school player. Not the best Pittsburgh player to play in college. Can’t include him in that discussion for another five years.
  • Bethel Park’s 2018 class might get them back in the playoffs this spring. Quality sophomores all over the field.
  • Mars pulled away from NA in the second half of the finals. The Planets are the favorites in D2 after returning so much talent from their semifinals run in 2015. Not to mention graduation departures by Moon and Hampton.
  • Trying to track down the spring records of all Pumpkin Classic champs.
  • Sun. Clouds. Wind. Rain. Hail. Then, it was 65 degrees, dry, and sunny for the next two days. Of course it was.
  • Shout out to the young man from Peters who sported a red lumberjack flannel under his reversible, a far more sensible clothing choice than the hyper rare no shirt, tearaway pants combo.
  • Great job by SV volunteers to put on the event despite the conditions.

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