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Players of Note from US Lax Events/True Pittsburgh Showcase

Packed week for Pittsburgh athletes interested in playing in front of college coaches while sleeping in their own beds.

These players stood out during the all star game.

In no particular order.

2018 Zak Ferris – Bethel Park (PA)

The freshman attack tallied twice in the all star game. He seems one or two notches away from really breaking out. Shapes of good ideas throughout the all star game and pool play.

2016 Frank Casile – Plum (PA)

The senior middie easily dodged on the younger competition on his way to two markers in the all star game. Regardless of the age of his fellow all star members, Plum producing quality players is a great sign for the development of lacrosse in the area. A D2 or D3 program is going to be thrilled with Casile’s athleticism and compete level in the defensive end.

2019 Garrett Reinke – Mars (PA)

Reinke seemingly took every face off in every game he participated and won a far amount despite his age and size. He’s athletic, quick, and stays on the field unlike most face off men. He could be the difference between Mars advancing to the D2 finals in 2016.

2018 Wes Powell – North Allegheny (PA)

Powell, a load at 5’10” 210lbs, presents a different kind of challenge for opposing defenders. He’s not going to run around you, but he might try to run you over or at least carry you on his way to the crease.

2019 Seth Ketler – Seneca Valley (PA)

Ketler scored once in the all star game. He flashed several times to the crease and got himself open but was missed by the attack. Ketler, is thin, but stands at about 6’2″ and uses his long arms to generate a very heavy shot.

Others worth mentioning

2019 Jack DeGurain – defense – Peters (PA)

2019 Zach Galovich – defense – Seneca Valley (PA)

2019 Nate Smith – defense – Mars (PA)

2018 Jacob Emerson – attack – Cathedral Prep (PA)

2017 Peter Barrante – midfield – North Allegheny (NA)

Additional Notes

  • Always great to watch lacrosse at Highmark. All WPIAL schools should get to play one regular season game there.
  • Certainly a small sample size but the 2019 Mars and Seneca Valley classes are very good. Both programs had multiple all stars
  • Spotted a coach from Berry. Berry is in Georgia.┬áNo stone unturned but that staff.
  • Between the True Showcase and 412 Lax Phenom Showcase over 25 college coaches were in town this past week. What kind of advantage did Pittsburgh kids have with being able to sleep in their own bed and eat a home cooked meal before competing in front of college coaches? Maryland, Philly, and New York kids have that advantage every November and summer.
  • Congratulations to Dan Usaj and US Lax Events staff for providing this opportunity to Pittsburgh athletes.

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