Commentary and Theory with a yinzer slant #year9

Players of note at 412 Lax Phenom Showcase

In no particular order.

2017 Alexander Mindel – Lawrenceville School (NJ)

The California native showed off quick feet and polished approaches. At 6’2″ and left handed, he had match up superiority in almost every dodging situation.

2016 Logan Maloni – Peters Township (PA)

The natural lefty already garnered the attention of Recruiting Rundown earlier this summer and picked off right where he left off in Baltimore. Maloni is an adept playmaker and willing to deal with contact despite a smaller stature.

2017 Patrick McAnally – Mt. Lebanon (PA)

Another left handed pole in the mix, McAnally stands at an imposing 6’2″ 195lbs and is not slow footed despite his size. Strong and patient on ball. First time ground ball guy.

2017 Adam Galovich – Seneca Valley (PA)

Galovich has been playing for the Dukes this summer. The early returns of competing with one of the top clubs in the country are eye opening. Galovich was vocal, quick, and mean spirited throughout the day.

2016 Tee Moriarty – Seneca Valley (PA)

Perhaps the top offensive athlete of the bunch, Moriarty is picked on short stick covers and showed off a heavy shot on the run and time and room. Incredible dynamic in the middle third of the field.

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