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Best Shooting Highlight Video Ever: Kevin Huntley and Jake Byrne

The quintessential YouTube shooting video will probably  be posted on a 412 website once a year until the dawn of time.

Mute the volume as soon as possible. You don’t need to or want to listen to adult alternative rock band Chevelle.

Sadly, this video was made in 2008 so 480p is as good as the video quality is going to get.

So many release points.

How devastated and perplexed did Duke goalie Dan Loftus look?

Perhaps no attack duo better complimented a midfield group more. Apex athletes¬†dodging from up top opened up opportunities for Byrne and Huntley to deliver the ball to the back of the net. How many times did either player pick themselves up off the ground after a shot? Good feeling as a shooter to know you’re probably going to have your hands free when you shoot and no one is going to finish off a check on your follow through because no one is near you. You’re not not going to slide to Paul Rabil.

Shout out Kevin Huntley for shooting backhand before it was cool.

Check out Ryan Brown’s highlights from 2015. Another elite Blue Jay.

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