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MCLA D2 Champs: Dayton

Jump ahead to 1:50:13 to watch the the final 1:30 of the game. At this point, Concordia is trailing 12-10.

Concordia gets one shot off but it rolls out of bounds near the substitution box. Remember this spot on the field.

Off the restart, Concordia gets off a shot hands free from 12 yards from the middle of the field after a very aggressive double team from Dayton. The shot goes wide with 57.2 seconds on the clock.

Dillon Bernad went right to the cooker off the endline and scored to make it 12-11 with 52.3 seconds to play. Not a great approach by the Dayton defender. Not a convincing dive by Bernad.

Concordia would win the face off and call a timeout with 38.9 seconds remaining.

Out of the timeout, Concordia goes right to the hopper. Right to the hopper, which is interesting considering the update from Margo McAuley. The shot goes wide but it looks like Concordia had beaten Dayton to the sideline to earn the back up. What we missed behind the camera is very likely the Concordia player running through the back of the crease.

MCLA Dayton Concordia

No problem for Concordia as Dayton chucks the ball down the field resulting in an immediate turnover. In transition, Concordia gets another shot hands free from 12 yards from the middle of the field but this time it is on target and an easy save for Dayton with 19.6 seconds left.

Game over, right?

With visions of Cornell Syracuse dancing through their heads, Dayton attempts to clear the ball.

As the ball advances up the sideline, a Dayton middie is converged on near the substitution box. He drops the ball. Concordia picks it up, tries to advance it forward, but the stick is checked or the ball is knocked down out of the air and goes out of bounds with 5.5 seconds to play.

Based on the strange hop backwards, it appears the ball was thrown by the Concordia player and batted backwards by the Dayton pole.

Concordia Dayton

Or maybe, the Dayton pole did check the Concordia stick and the ball rolled backwards resulting in a Concordia turnover.

Dayton was awarded the ball and mercifully ran out the final seconds.

Concordia finished the season 20-1. They return some serious firepower for 2016.

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