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MCLA Tournament Day 1 Notes

Wild first day in California.

  • MCLA Twitter account tweeted zero updates. How hard is it get one person to tweet results? Probably have more followers if you shared content.
  • MCLA website crashed multiple times throughout the day. When it happens today, go to or MCLA’s YouTube page to watch the streams. It’s a shame the center of MCLA internet activity can’t hold on during the most important week of the season.
  • Joe Parris was fantastic doing the play by play by for the Georgia Tech Westminster game. Hope he’s involved with the semifinals. Would also like to see Trey Lanthier get the call for a semifinal game. Chris Malone and Mike Allan are the go to moves for color commentary.
  • Forget a portion of the previous statement. Trey has done a great job covering the league this spring. You go ask him what games he wants to do and you give him those games as a way of saying thank you for your service.
  • Mickey Miles Felton is someone who carried the torch for the league before it was The League. He’s a grandfather of Arizona lacrosse. But, he doesn’t need to do any more webcast calls this tournament. Just save him for next year’s regular season games. Big difference between his color commentary and the rest of the announcing teams.
  • A strange camera angle for the St. Thomas Utah State game. MCLA
  • Siena Heights goalie Ryan Mailloux was credited with 22 saves, might have had something to do with their upset win over #3 Missouri Valley.
  • There was some sort of altercation at the end of the Siena Heights Missouri Valley game. Unfortunately, the camera was at field level and didn’t pan. And, the audio wasn’t working.
  • Reward to January…Raise your hand if you thought two SELC D1 teams would make the tournament and win their first round games.
  • Ralph Pepe scored 7 goals in Briarcliffe’s 16-11 loss to Concordia.
  • Dayton, Chapman, and Grand Canyon won by 14 goals.
  • Grand Canyon scored the most goals: 22
  • Michigan State scored the least goals: 2
  • Michigan State faceoff man Joseph Mikkelsen won 18 of 22 face offs, but somehow the offense only generated 2 markers.
  • Why didn’t BYU shut off Stanford’s Peter Doyle?
  • Stanford scored 4 goals on 9 shots in the 4th quarter.
  • If we told you the Stanford goalie would have a .474 save percentage and they won, you wouldn’t have believed us.
  • St. Thomas sported grey sleeveless uniforms. And, matte grey helmets.
  • BYU wore matte grey helmets this year as well. Their first round exit can be blamed directly on the decision to sport those lids. Not a school color and you don’t have grey uniforms.
  • Western Washington players wearing uniforms with different number sizes. Not a byproduct of the camera angle.
  • MCLA western washington
  • Maryland transfers Colin MacIlvennie and Jensen Makarov chipped in 3 goals and 8 saves respectively to help Colorado advance over Texas State 8-5.
  • Colorado is credited with 20 shots in the first quarter, 57 for the game, the second attack unit so a chunk of time, likely resulting in a lower score.
  • To paraphrase Beyonce, they’ll be fresher than Georgia Tech.
  • Grand Canyon’s Carson Barton and Drew Dziadyk each scored 5 goals against Purdue.
  • GCU middie Austin Ekeroth, our player to watch, remained hot scoring 3 goals and dishing out one helper.
  • San Diego State’s 2015 campaign came to an end at the hands of Virginia Tech. SDSU is was winless against teams that advanced to the quarterfinals.
  • Much larger Under Armour presence at this year’s event compared to Nike presence in years past. The one year at Greenville, there weren’t enough large Nike tournament shirts at the concession stand. Who runs out of large shirts?
  • #3 Colorado and #4 Chapman are getting easier quarterfinal games than expected. Should the chalk advance, CU and…CU may be fresher than Grand Canyon and Arizona State.
  • Colorado is the only team remaining in the tournament that has won a crown. Stanford (2001), Chapman (2008, 2009), Arizona State (2010, 2011, 2014), and Cal Poly (2012) have reached the finals and lost.
  • On April 16th, we suggested the MCLA would have a first time champion in 2015.
  • Disappointing end for many seniors while at the same time a thrilling end for seniors who got to play in their first ever national tournament.
  • Perhaps the most exciting day in MCLA tournament history thanks to several upsets.

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