Commentary and Theory with a yinzer slant #year9

MCLA Question of the Night: How Ready Are the Higher Seeds for the Quarterfinals?

In other words, are they prepared to take advantage of their success?

Georgia Tech, Stanford, and Cal Poly all upset higher seeds in the first round of the MCLA D1 national tournament. Likewise for Western Washington and Siena Heights in the D2 bracket.

What will they do with their success?

Do they have a scout prepared for their second round opponent or are they working on it right now?

Are the boys resting or celebrating a big win?

Are the coaches resting or scrambling to put together a scout, watch film which is now YouTube?

Did you throw your whole playbook out on the table in the first round or do you have something hidden just in case?

Are the teams just happy to get the first win or are they thirsty and prepared for more? Chances are if you drank a cola beverage after your first round win, you don’t want win #2 that badly.


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