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MCLA Tournament Prep: Virginia Tech

Getting you dialed in for the MCLA’s end of year event.

Team: Virginia Tech

Conference: SELC

Seed: 7, automatic qualifier

Projected Seed: 5

1st Round Opponent: San Diego State

Record Against Tournament Teams: 2-0, defeated Texas State, Georgia Tech

Odds of Winning: 30 to 1

Player to Watch: Middie Conrad Unterkofler is a load at 6’3″ 195. The sophomore, also the team’s leading scorer, did not play last year so he will have to rely on his teammates to give him some pointers on how to have first round success.

One of two undefeated teams participating in the tournament, VT got the higher seed (Oregon State is 8th) due to their strength of schedule (34th compared to Oregon State 54th), past tournament success (defeated BYU in the first round last year) and a much tighter defense (4.8 goals per game).

Team defense has always been the final frontier in the MCLA. Every elite team is going to have personnel that is able to score the ball. But, not every team is going to dress a defensive group that can absolutely shut teams down. VT has that defense unit thanks their poles being juniors and seniors (the one sophomore contributor is 6’3″ and a Westminster transfer). Having upperclassmen defenders from Virginia and Maryland also helps.

Won’t be surprised if VT tops San Diego State and Arizona State to reach the semi finals.

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