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MCLA Tournament Prep: Michigan State

Getting you dialed in for the MCLA’s end of year event.

Team: Michigan State

Conference: CCLA

Seed: 13, automatic qualifier

Projected Seed: 14

1st Round Opponent: Chapman

Record Against Tournament Teams: 1-3, lost to BYU, Grand Canyon, Chapman, defeated Colorado

Odds of Winning: 100 to 1

Player to Watch: Senior goalie Matt Allemang was a 1st Team All American last year. Due to MSU’s record this spring he won’t retain that honor in 2015. But, he doesn’t need to be an All American in 2015 for Sparty to advance. He just needs to be an All American for 60 minutes. His save percentage against Chapman in their regular season meeting (.381) can easily be improved upon which dramatically increases their chances of success.

Another player to watch for MSU is senior face off specialist Joseph Mikkelsen. He was 15 of 22 against Chapman. He will have to match or exceed those numbers for MSU to have a chance.

MSU didn’t score more than 7 goals against tournament teams. If they can get a surge from their secondary scorers doubt could creep in for Chapman.

Chapman defeated Michigan State 13-6 way back in March.

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