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MCLA Tournament Prep: Texas State

Getting you dialed in for the MCLA’s end of year event.

Team: Texas State

Conference: LSA

Seed: 14, automatic qualifier

Projected Seed: 13

1st Round Opponent: Colorado

Record Against Tournament Teams: 0-2, lost to Colorado, Virginia Tech

Odds of Winning: 174 to 1

Player to Watch: Zane Zoda, junior defenseman, arrived in San Marvelous after a freshman campaign at Stevenson. He will likely draw the John Clayton assignment, Colorado’s assist leader.

Colorado won the regular season match up 18-6 back in February. Safe to say both teams are very different since that game.

Congratulations to first year head coach Kyle Saunders on winning the LSA crown. With only a few upperclassmen contributors, this group is primed to be the LSA top dog for the next couple of seasons.

Watch in 720p HD. Jump ahead 8 minutes or so. Early footage is not the best camera work.

Check out Stickstar if you’re in the market for new uniforms and like what Texas State is sporting in the above video.

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