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Alan Stein’s Assistant Coach Code

Wrapping up the season this week. Something for assistant coaches to consider for 2016.

Certainly something to share with your assistants in a non pushy manner if you’re the head ball coach.

Written by Alan Stein. Posted on

Assistant Coaches Code:

  1. Your #1 job is to make your head coach’s job easier. Be a servant leader. Find what your head coach needs you to do and do it!
  2. Act as if it is your team. You will have your own team one day. Act like it now.
  3. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. No excuses.
  4. Add value to everything you do, every single day… on and off the court.
  5. Enforce the team’s culture and standards at all times. Protect the locker room.
  6. When you find a problem… find a solution. Your head coach has enough problems as it is.
  7. Be professional. Period.
  8. Encourage and motivate everyone in your program to buy in to what the head coach wants – from players, to managers to other assistants.
  9. Bring energy, enthusiasm and effort every day.
  10. When asked for your input, speak honestly. Don’t be a ‘yes’ man (or woman).

Alan Stein’s Twitter and basketball blog is certainly worth your time especially since the sport is so similar to lacrosse.

Coaches, remember, are you in your position because of availability or ability?

Strive for perpetual excellence. Be an active learner. Be willing to experiment with new ideas. A coach who has seven years of experiences, but hasn’t made any changes or introduced new tactics doesn’t really have seven years of experience. He’s been the same coach seven years in a row. There’s a big difference.

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