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Arizona State Goalie Stuffs Chapman Attackman

Freshman attackman Dylan Garner wants this shot back.

Meanwhile, sophomore goalie Chris Roufanis traveled all the way from his home to Syosset, New York to make that save. ASU scored shortly there after to make it 8-6. Final score was 8-7.

Can’t imagine the emotional roller coaster Arizona State pole #14 was on as he watched a feed go right through to his man wide open on the backside. (He isn’t listed on the ASU roster.)

Not sure what Garner does differently in this situation. If he has the stick in his left hand, he would have been forced to catch the ball on his off hip and then bring the stick back to shoot, which would have added time for the goalie to reset and the defender to apply pressure.

Perhaps finishing for the near pipe would have been more ideal. Split second reaction by him to catch the ball and get a shot on target. Split second reaction by the goalie to keep the ball out of the net.

Despite the loss, Chapman will end up with a #3 or #4 seed in the national tournament.

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