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SEALFIT Kokoro Camp: Train Like a Navy Seal

50 hours of grueling work.

Just discovered this little opportunity.

Visit their Vimeo page for the remaining Evolutions.

What if — in just three intense days — you could tap into a limitless source of power you never knew existed? Imagine moving through life without fear, and with total confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles and reach any mission or goal, no matter how big or challenging. That’s what Kokoro Camp can do for you. It’s a test that connects you to the very core of who you are, and what you’re made of.

SEALFIT Kokoro Camp is, quite simply, the world’s premier training camp for forging mental toughness, modeled after the US Navy SEAL Hell Week. Yes, it is brutal. No, it’s not for everyone. You may not qualify, or make it through the training. Yet, if you’re ready for this challenge…

Kokoro is designed to break you down, then rebuild you into a powerful leader and consummate team player—the kind that makes everyone else better. Whatever your path in life, the confidence and wisdom gained during this 3-day intensive can multiply your performance and success by a factor that’s impossible for you to even imagine right now.

Kokoro Camp is designed to help you discover the deep power of your resilient spirit over your mind, and your mind’s control over your body. The program is skillfully executed by a cadre of SEALs with over 125 cumulative years of Special Warfare experience.

Sign up info here if you’re out in California this summer. Kokoro Camp costs $1695.

Some good stuff on YouTube as well if you’re looking for something a little less expensive.

If you’re looking for something more serious, their two week immersion camp asks you to do a 45 minute plank.

Lots of different types of people in that video are performing a 45 minute plank. Could you do it? Could you do it if you hadn’t paid $7200 to be at SEALFIT and there wasn’t a coach helping you through the process?

Mental performance for young athletes is becoming increasingly more important especially for lacrosse. Why for lacrosse? Because, there are only eight serious years of lacrosse play in your career and those eight serious years occur from freshmen year of high school through senior year of college. The young athletes that can flip that switch from “this is fun” to “I want to be great at this” are probably the ones that are giving a verbal commitment in the fall of freshmen year. That’s a mindset thing. That’s not being from Baltimore or Long Island.

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