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Maryland Hopkins Hype Video

Shout out Will Yeatman. Shout out Travis Reed.

Watch in 720p HD. Might want to consider muting the volume. One of the more annoying songs you’ll hear.

Never going to consider these squads to be Big Ten members, but that doesn’t mean the game won’t be entertaining. And, we’re certainly glad the Big Ten Network broadcasts games.

The Tinney Neufeldt match up will be a real treat for the game within the game fans. Can Ryan Brown get loose for Hopkins? Maryland’s offense has been held under 10 goals three times this season. They are 2-1 in those games. If the Jays find a way to keep inside of 10, they’ll be in it in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Maryland despite not having a break out offensive star has managed to score 10 goals almost every game. The regular season high is 13 against Robert Morris.

Does a win over MD put a 7-6 Hopkins in the tournament or are they out regardless? It would be Hopkins only signature win.

Maryland’s defense in a night game scenario is horrifying.

8PM Big Ten Network

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