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New York Lizards Offense

Marginally explosive.

Does 19 work?

Watch in 1080p HD.

Wait, Mike Stone is on the Lizards now too?

The Pannell to Gibson goal at the 1:51 mark was a lot of fun. If you like BTBs while falling down, you’ll enjoy it as well.

Imagine what happens to that offense when Cody Jamison returns from the NLL.

If MLL people aren’t referring to the Lizards as the Miami Heat, circa year one of the Lebron, Bosh, Wade era, they’re missing out on a lot of fun.

Have you watched Rabil’s documentary? It’s outstanding. In episode 3, he has begun to embrace his role as a heel. He even discusses the value he places on being entertaining.

Jump to 6:50.

“You’re a low budget player!”

Most engaged I’ve been in an MLL season in a while. Perhaps ever.

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