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Should the MCLA have a Minimum Field Requirement Policy?

George Washington traveled to Kentucky this weekend to play in less than ideal conditions.



George Washington defeated Kentucky Saturday and Ole Miss on Sunday.

Given the travel costs incurred by the players themselves as part of their player dues and the propensity of grass games to be held on intramural fields not professionally manicured NCAA athletic fields, should the MCLA mandate that games be played on field turf if there is a chance of inclement weather? Or, should they go a step further and require all regular season games and conference tournament games to be played on turf? (What are the chances this mandate goes down, doesn’t cover national tournament games, and the grass fields in California/South Carolina/Denver/Minnesota are a disaster after thunderstorms on day one?) There are nice grass fields in this great nation. Very rarely are they college intramural or club sports fields.

This certainly isn’t a Kentucky problem or an SELC problem. Winning a game in poor weather conditions can be a memory an athlete has forever. Just wondering if there is a way to legislate field conditions to ensure a decent brand of lacrosse and a less expensive laundry bill.

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