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MCLA Bracketology

Our second look at the national tournament projections.

1. Arizona State (SLC AQ) vs. 16. Indiana (GRLC AQ)

Arizona State was #2 when they had a buy week. No idea why voters decided to drop them because they didn’t play. Their loss to Colorado is a “better” loss than BYU’s loss to San Diego State and Grand Canyon’s loss to BYU because of the score.

Illinois went 0-3 against LSA competition which will punish GRLC front runner Indiana, who we previously had at #15.

2. BYU (RMLC AQ) vs. 15. Texas (LSA AQ)

BYU will be riding an eleven game winning streak into their Colorado weekend unless Simon Fraser figures out how to defend elite offenses in the next three days.

Texas State could be in this spot, but we’ll stick with Texas as they’ve played the harder OOC schedule. We’ll know more about the Horns after this weekend’s slate against A&M and LSU.

3. Grand Canyon (At Large) vs. 14. Michigan State (CCLA AQ)

Not sure how the committee feels about rematches. Grand Canyon pummeled State 17-4 on March 9th. MSU will have to win their remaining games in convincing fashion and get some help to move up in the seeding. Given their talent at the face off X and between the pipes, no one will want to play them in the tournament regardless of seeding.

4. Chapman (At Large) vs. 13. Boston College (PCLL AQ)

Can’t hold the CSU loss against Chapman too much. Leaving Southern California to play in Colorado isn’t something the Panthers will have to do in May.

Keep an eye out for Boston College Georgia Tech game on Friday. A BC win would shift these projections. A BC loss wouldn’t do much to help Georgia Tech or hurt the Eagles.

5. Colorado (At Large) vs. 12. Florida State (At Large)

Colorado finally got back on track against Davenport. The 2014 Buffs lost two games in a row in early March. Will this three game stretch be a speed bump or derailment for CU?

Monster win for FSU over Colorado State. Wins over Liberty and Virginia Tech in the regular season would lock up an at large bid for them regardless of winning the SELC AQ. Duluth’s loss to Minnesota all but guarantees the SELC will get two if not three teams depending upon how bubble Western teams finish.

6. Arizona (At Large) vs. 11. Virginia Tech (At Large)

Love Arizona’s defense. They allowed 10 goals for the first time all season in a recent loss to BYU. The Cougars are averaging 17.2 goals a game against teams not named the University of Arizona.

VT and GT held in the polls this week despite wins of their own and losses by teams ranked above them. Doesn’t bode well for quality seeding in the tournament.

7. Oregon State (PNCLL AQ) vs. 10. Georgia Tech (SELC AQ)

The Beavers are undefeated and currently ranked 7th by the coaches and 1st by LaxPower. Unfortunately, LaxPower has their strength of schedule at 55th. A loss in the regular season or conference tournament will ruin OSU’s chances of securing a top 8 seed.

8. Cal Poly (WCLL AQ) 9. Colorado State (At Large)

No idea who wins this game. Would you trade in your #1 seed to avoid having to play either of these squads in the quarterfinals? The answer is yes. The answer is YES.

March 10th Bracketology

3 Responses to “MCLA Bracketology”

    • 4onetwolax

      Good call on BC typo.

      GRLC tournament will be a grind regardless of regular season results.

      Oregon at 1-8 isn’t in national tournament consideration.



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