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Highlights: Notre Dame 13 Syracuse 12 2OT

Video from and every Vine Lacrosse Film room posted.

If the pass from Matt Kavanagh to Sergio Perkovic at 1:18 is better, does the eventual shot go in? Does this game even head to overtime?

The goal in overtime is always the most magnified moment of a one goal game. (How quickly can you recall overtime goals your team has scored or allowed?) But both teams had an hour of play to get enough done to prevent the extra frame, which is why when you lose you should make sure the players directly involved with the deciding goal don’t feel like the result falls completely on their shoulders.

In this case, Notre Dame wasn’t punished for blowing a monster lead or for Kavanagh throwing a below average feed.

Jack Near had 2 goals and 3 assists coming into this game. He finished with 2 goals including the game winner. Near’s 7 points is actually good enough for 6th on the team. Fellow senior Jim Marlatt also has 7.

Syracuse has been wearing Nike’s sleeveless uniforms all year. Nike introduced them last year and most folks didn’t like them. Maybe because they remind people of practice reversibles. Maybe because the shooting shirts didn’t make the uniform color so they really stood out. Maybe because Syracuse wore them and last as Syracuse typically does when break out something buzzworthy.

Hopkins broke them out against Syracuse.

Have to imagine the other big Nike programs will unleash sleeveless options before the end of the year.

In Club Life, North Texas and St. Thomas lost their sleeves.

Univ. St. Thomas #nike fastbreak custom uniforms

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Uniform newcomer Un1tus is selling a sleeveless uniform. Strangely, it costs the same as their sleeved uniform. Have to imagine other uniform companies will follow suit.

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